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The essence of WordPress development

WordPress is designed, both legally and technically, as a system for which anyone is free to develop plugins and themes – a plugin is any “plug-in” that performs one or more tasks.
While it is true that there are quite a lot of free, freemium (where the basic features are free, but many extras are only available in the paid version) and premium plugins for WordPress available on the domestic and international market, there may always be a plugin that is not yet available that is right for you. This is where our work begins.

Of course, WordPress development goes beyond the development of plugins, as the thousands of themes available for free or for money are typically beautiful, do a lot, and just need to be set up to suit the website.

Also part of the development is making all the changes that will make the basic website faster, safer and more efficient.


The WordPress development process at Ergomania

At Ergomania, WordPress development is a complex activity: after choosing the right WordPress template, we customize the theme according to your users and your needs, and then we make the necessary changes, focusing on usability and user experience.

The creators of WordPress provide many options for this, but their business model is to provide a framework for which a multitude of developers produce plugins with different features and templates with an amazing variety of features.

If you already have a website, a comprehensive analysis of it is recommended as a zero-step. We will first secure your WordPress site, then customise the template and set up all the other plugins you need.

The goal is always to provide our clients with a UX-oriented, reliable and beautiful website that meets all their needs, such as the ones we have created for haarmanie, bagbolsa.hu or persiamia.hu.


The main methods of WordPress development

WordPress-based websites are developed using a variety of methods, typically according to the client’s needs – we provide a user experience, so we prefer a UX approach.

This includes designing the entire template to provide the best possible customer experience for your customers and site visitors, whether you’re running an introduction page, a news portal, an online version of a print newspaper or a webshop.


What do our clients gain through WordPress development?

Our clients can gain a significant market advantage over their competitors through UX-oriented WordPress development, as one of the foundations of successful business today is a website that reflects the company’s image and is impeccably usable.

In addition, our clients get a website that feels really good to use, making it ideal for both branding and SEO. Another key benefit is a good customer experience, delivered in a cost-effective way.


What is the role of our clients in WordPress development?

Our clients’ role in WordPress development is to share with us their business vision and expectations for the website or webshop they want to build, provide us with a feature list of all the features they need for their website and test that everything works as they have requested.


The result of successful WordPress development

The result of a successful WordPress development is a fully customized WordPress-based website and/or webshop with a good user experience.

  • Information from client: Business ideas and user needs and requirements of the website, list of functions
  • Client cooperation: Continuous communication across all development phases (defining the information architecture, design and web development)
  • Deliverables: WordPress-powered website