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Basics of using Business Analyst

The use of a Business Analyst is recommended if the company commissioning the development project is not familiar with development or would like to be supported by someone who can communicate with the developers and represent their interests. With this service, we can delegate one or more Business Analysts to our Client’s team, who can even accompany the project throughout.

The Business Analyst helps to facilitate communication and understanding between the business side, the Design and the IT team. They help define business needs and translate them into development requirements.
Throughout the project, they facilitate communication, help meet requirements and assist in interpreting the results.


Business Analysts at Ergomania

At Ergomania, we have encountered Business Analysts on many projects over the years. We have seen the qualities needed to be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders. As a result, we have been able to select the best professionals with a prominent level of experience.

We gladly delegate our experts to different projects, whether full-time, for the whole project or just part of it. In an ideal case, the Business Analyst(s) will accompany the project throughout, which is also what we recommend to our Clients.


Main activities of a Business Analyst

With our Business Analysis service, our experts can support your business and IT with activities such as:

  • Translating customer requirements into IT language, and then communicating IT feedback to customers in a clear and understandable way
  • Identifying development points in business processes
  • Participating in the design and modification of business or IT systems
  • Creating business specifications


What do our Clients gain from having a Business Analyst?

By using a Business Analyst, the Client and the developer can better understand each other, ensuring that the results of the development are in line with the Client’s vision.


What is the role of our customers when using Business Analyst?

When cooperating with the Business Analyst, we ask our Clients to:

  1. Provide existing business needs, specifications
  2. Work closely with the Business Analyst


When is the Business Analyst successful?

The work of the Business Analyst is considered successful if at the end of the project the Client is satisfied with the product.

  • Client cooperation: Setting expectations, Providing access