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The essence of using the navigation scheme testing

During navigation scheme testing, we analyze how users find different subpages, features or options within our clients’ website or application , given a specific task or purpose. The results help to fine-tune critical user processes and improve information architecture.

Running the navigation scheme test requires a test scenario, which we create based on our clients’ instructions: from navigational testing of an entire website or application to locating of a certain function we can create any test scenario.

The essence of navigation scheme testing is navigation validation and refinement.


Create navigation scheme testing at Ergomania

During navigation scheme testig we take screenshots or record videos of user behavior. We then organize and comment on the recorded material to make it clear what we find beneficial and forward-looking and what needs to be changed – such as where users get stuck while navigating.

We use online software such as Treejack to test the navigation scheme. If it is a problem for users to find certain menu items, we will improve the path leading to it in the menu structure as part of the task and suggest a correction.

We present the user with the interface of our clients’ websites and/or application and ask them to perform one or more tasks or series of tasks. In each step, we record the position and timing of the clicks.


The main methods of using navigation scheme testing

At Ergomania navigation scheme testing is primarily conducted using online software. During testing, we find out where and why people are lost in the content of the website or application, and we can make suggestions for improvement.

Testing helps validating the “findability” of features, objectives, content on our clients ’website. Whether it’s designing new software, an application, or a website, or optimizing existing ones, the online solutions used by Ergomania are great tools for validation.


What do our clients gain by using navigation scheme testing?

Testing the navigation scheme allows our clients to obtain valuable feedback in the early stages of the design process or in optimizing their existing website, as navigation scheme testing can be done on a sketch, wireframe or high-precision models of an interface just like on working software or a website.

Our clients can discover how their target audience finds what they are looking for. Scheme testing removes guesswork from design decisions because it helps us understand where people get stuck and where they expect the most important information on our clients’ websites.

A key aspect is to be able to navigate a website well, because if the structure is bad, it causes an increase in execution time, leading to frustration and ultimately client loss.


What is the role of our clients in testing the navigation scheme?

We count on our clients during navigation scheme testing in three ways:

  1. We ask them for suggestions on priority processes.
  2. Our clients provide the participants.
  3. Validation of the result.


The result of a successful navigation scheme testing

The end result of navigation scheme testing is an improved, optimized menu structure.

  • Client cooperation: Suggestions for main processes, Providing participants, Validating results
  • Deliverables: Improved, optimized menu structure