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The essence of Value proposition canvas

The value proposition sketch is critical for business models because it facilitates business decision-making and product positioning to the extent that the overall business strategy is worth adapting to Value proposition canvas. It reveals exactly what clients want.

The value offer sketch provides four main advantages:

  1. Focused design
  2. Increasing marketing access
  3. Strengthening user engagement
  4. Simple and practical

Focused design means that Value proposition canvas focuses the attention on the development goal throughout the process as a kind of visual aid.

By increasing marketing access, it makes the introduction of the product efficient, because the value proposition outline can be used to build a strong, positive brand image in the consciousness of consumers, as it is based on the identification of their wants and needs. At the same time, it strengthens the commitment and brand loyalty of the users.

All of the above could be achieved in an extremely practical way with the help of Value proposition canvas.


Value proposition canvas at Ergomania

Ergomania creates the value proposition canvas as part of the Business Model Canvas. We use it primarily when our clients want to design a whole new product or expand an existing service. Because Value proposition canvas quickly reveals what users’ problems are, it becomes easy to recognize whether and when it is worth creating a new feature and if yes, what that feature should be like.

It is also used in cases where our client would enter a new market or expand into another market segment. In such cases it helps in the decision making process. If our client is already present at the market, it will be really helpful in strengthening its market presence.


The main methods of Value proposition canvas

Ergomania experts typically design Value proposition canvas by being the first to select the client segment to be scanned. We define their activities and rank them according to their important to the users.

This is followed by an eight-step process:

  1. We identify the most pressing issues and rank them
  2. We determine the gains and rank them
  3. We select the 3-5 most pressing issues and gains associated with the most important tasks
  4. We list all the benefits of the product or service, all the band-aids to cure the pressing issues and all gain factors
  5. From these, we select the 3-5 gain factors and band-aids representing the highest benefit and value for users
  6. We combine band-aids, gain factors and product benefits with the pains, gains, and issues they solve
  7. We determine in what way the product/service is better than the competitors’ offerings
  8. Finally, we create a variety of clear and jargon-free examples of values that build trust in users


What our clients gain through the use of Value proposition canvas?

The main gains for our clients are to determine exactly what problems their target audience faces and what are the best answers to these issues thus facilitating their business decision-making, positioning their planned or expandable product, and related marketing activities.


What is the role of our clients in making Value proposition canvas?

We require our clients to provide all the research results of their target audience and target market, user platforms, and all the information on which we can create a value proposition canvas.


The result of successful Value proposition canvas making

The finished Value proposition canvas can be used on its own, but typically we build the entire business model canvas around it as part of the entire Business Model Canvas.

  • Information from client: Business concept, Pain points, desires
  • Deliverables: Suggestions for features that fit the client’s intentions