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The essence of frontend development

The main goal of frontend development is to ensure that when users open a website, they see information in a format that is easy to read and relevant to them.

This is further complicated by the fact that users today use a wide range of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, so the designer needs to take these aspects into account when designing the site.

Frontend development refers not only to websites and software, but also to a special set of them, applications. The frontend is also an elementary part of app development. Ergomania’s experts develop app frontends both natively and with react and xamarin.


The frontend development process at Ergomania

At Ergomania, frontend development involves developing and editing HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes to create the interfaces of the website or web application that users interact with.

This allows us to develop the underlying systems and public interfaces in a separated and more efficient way. We provide the ability for the backend team to focus on key functionality, allowing us to successfully complete our projects more efficiently and quickly.


Main methods of frontend development

At Ergomania, we always use the latest technologies in frontend development. As we say, we select a button for a jacket, i.e. we keep our clients’ needs in mind as much as possible when deciding which systems and frameworks are suitable for a given project.

We also use a number of other systems during development, such as Angular, React, vueJs, PHP. Our team is also prepared to develop voice-based interfaces (e.g. Node.js, Dialogflow integration, etc.).

During the frontend development, a plugin may be developed for the popular content management system WordPress, or a completely independent website, if our client’s project requires it. An example of the latter is Netrisk’s car search engine, for which we also developed the frontend.


What do our clients gain from frontend development?

Through frontend development, we create intuitive and business-focused user experiences for web applications or websites. Frontend development is the foundation for business success by improving web performance.

It takes the average user half a second to form an opinion about a company when viewing its website. It’s a ‘first impression’ that can really only be made once.

In almost any field of business, there will probably be a (good) few competitors, often chosen by users precisely because of the better impression.

Therefore, programming and design, functionality and navigation experience play a vital role in a company website.


What is the role of our clients in frontend development?

The role of our clients in frontend development is to tell us at the beginning of the project what kind of website they intend to receive during the development, then to approve the UI design during the development and finally to test the functionality and design for correctness.


The result of successful frontend development

The result of a successful frontend development is a frontend interface integrated with the backend development, which is functional in both the test (UAT, User Acceptance Test) and live environments.

  • Client cooperation: Accepting UI designs, testing functional and design correctness
  • Deliverables: Frontend interface integrated with backend development, which works in both the User Acceptance Test (UAT) and the live environment