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The essence of using development support

The point of UX-UI development support is to keep the process moving smoothly and to provide informed, expert advice to the development team, rather than people scrambling around on hunches and ideas when it becomes clear that the project or the product needs to be redesigned or rethought.

The aim of development support is therefore to bring the development process to a successful conclusion, with successful product development through expert advice from UX-UI designers.


Development support at Ergomania

At Ergomania, development support is a goal-oriented and solution-focused support activity. We like to work closely with the development team during the design process.

However, some details can only be clarified during the implementation phase, or may need to be modified due to business or implementation difficulties. In such cases, it is necessary that decisions are made by the UX and UI team specialised in design, and not ad hoc.

During development support, Ergomania’s product designers are able to list the flaws they fiund in development and propose solutions so that either during development or in a subsequent round the product can be professionally optimised or implemented to meet the project’s commitments. This phase also involves comparing the finished product with the plans and identifying design shortcomings and errors (e.g. design slippage, functionality not working properly, etc.)


Main methods of development support

Ergomania’s UX-UI team, all product design specialists, write documentation for the development process or create a design system during the design phase. This is the main basis for building support.

Sometimes developers are also involved in the design phase – this is when a deeper understanding is gained, screenshots and documentation are produced. In agile development, this weighs more heavily than in waterfall development.

In this case, we offer agile support in sprint-by-sprint or project-wide basis. Since many designs still follow the waterfall model, our support is adapted to it, for example by elaborating what is needed.

In development, support documentation is handed over/transferred and feedback is important, but also questions and requests that may arise. These are handled appropriately and we strive for consistency throughout.

We also provide testing support. We typically contact developers with problems that are discovered during testing. Since Ergomania primarily performs UX testing, the testing support we provide is focused on usability.


What do our customers gain through development support?

Through development support provided by Ergománia’s experts, our clients’ product development is more likely to be successful, because whether it is our UX-UI experts providing relevant advice or our product design experts providing product design suggestions, the support we provide is always based on real market experience.

Our common goal is the success of our clients, which is why the development support provided by Ergomania is fully in line with current UX-UI trends that deliver real benefits.


What is the role of our customers in development support?

All our customers need to provide for the development support phase is access, and they also need to commit to improvements.

Everything else is taken care of by Ergomania experts.


The result of successful development support

The final result of the development support is a complex consultancy document containing a list of deficiencies, together with the developed proposals for solutions, if necessary.

  • Client cooperation: Providing access, tracking updates
  • Deliverables: List of deficiencies with developed solution proposals, if necessary