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The essence of A/B testing

At Ergomania, we use A/B testing from the beginning in the designs requested by our clients. A/B testing is an excellent tool for learning about the effects of minor or major changes that affect user behavior, as this allows us to continuously improve the user experience.

Through A/B testing we can prevent endless discussions about possible solutions, just as the loss caused by a design that went live without testing but performs poorly.

A/B testing is always an indispensable tool, whether the number of abandoned baskets are to be reduced at a web store, or the number of their leads are to increased, or possibly to make the user interface of a website or an application more lovable.


A/B testing at Ergomania

It is a given that A/B testing is not suitable for comparing more serious and multi-layered variations, nor it is applicable to determine or measure the exact reasons behind the different results of each variation, therefore, Ergomania experts use A/B testing for the purpose it was invented for: to effectively fine-tune designs.

At Ergomania, we make two or more versions of the design before A/B testing. The completed versions are shown simultaneously to proportionally divided parts of the same target group. Based on the test we find out which version is better – which one they notice more, or gets more clicks.

Their preferred version will be the one that prompted more users to take the action they wanted or the one that produced a better conversion rate.


Main methods of A/B testing

The fundamental point for A/B testing is that the test is only reliable if a statistically significant result is achieved. This requires an appropriate amount of testers (the appropriate number of items) to ensure that the result is not the low random (e.g. five testers).

In Ergomania, we use a framework to create and perform the A/B testing process. The necessary steps:

  1. Data collection
  2. Setting goals
  3. Creating a hypothesis
  4. Create variants
  5. Run the tests
  6. Analysis of results


What do our clients gain with A/B testing?

With A/B testing, our clients gain advantage and profit from several aspects:

  • We repair design parts that visitors find problematic
  • A better return on existing traffic can be achieved
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • We can make changes with low risk
  • We can implement statistically significant improvements
  • We are successfully redesigning their sites


What is the role of our clients in A/B testing?

Our clients also have a role to play in A/B testing, because on the one hand we need information from our clients to determine the purpose of the project, and on the other hand, client participation is also important. The implementation of A/B testing can be technologically complex at times, therefore it is advisable to involve the developers of the site and application as soon as possible in its design.

You will need the current performance data to record the initial state, as well as setting the benchmark to achieve the goal you want to achieve, and the setting of the analytical software to measure the results.


Result of successful A/B testing

The result of A/B testing implemented by Ergomania is relevant statistical testing results on the one hand, and we designate a better performing design version for our clients to improve the effectiveness of the given website, application or other service.

  • Information from client: Listing uncertain, disputed points
  • Client cooperation: Providing the IT environment for testing, Discussing and prioritising problems and solutions
  • Deliverables: Statistics testing results, Selected winner variation