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The essence of using search engine optimisation (SEO)

At Ergomania, we use search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase the quality of traffic to our clients’ sites. In other words, our goal is not to get everyone to visit your website, but primarily to get your target audience to do so.

We attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the products, services and opportunities offered by our clients.

We increase the amount of relevant traffic through search engine optimisation. If the right people click on a link to our clients’ website on the search engine results pages (SERPs), lead traffic (organic) will increase.

One of the main metrics of search engine optimisation is the increase in organic results. Organic means all traffic for which you do not have to pay advertising money for.


Creating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at Ergomania

Search engine optimisation can be done for a website under construction or for an existing website. If you are redesigning an existing site, it is advisable to carry out an SEO audit to assess the current situation.

Based on the SEO audit and the goals you want to achieve with the previous website, a search engine optimisation strategy can be built. If a new site is being developed, it is also critical to define the principles, methods and content building strategy.

Google and other search engines (Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) use robots called “crawlers” that crawl websites and gather information about all the content on the web.

The data collected by the crawlers is fed back to the search engine to be indexed. This index is then processed by a set of algorithms to match all the data with the queries.

There are many factors that go into a search engine’s algorithm – and in SEO, Ergomania’s experts focus on these factors, such as the use of alt tags and meta descriptions, appropriate keyword density and positioning, optimal text length and pagination, etc.


Main methods of using search engine optimisation (SEO)

At Ergomania, search engine optimisation (SEO) is primarily carried out using online software such as Google Analytics or Search Console. Search engine optimisation involves analysing an existing website from an SEO perspective or developing a strategy for a new website.

The rules for SEO change frequently as Google and other search engine companies change their algorithms. That’s why Ergomania’s professionals are constantly training and all search engine optimization and analysis is done according to current trends.

During analysis and strategy development, we find out where and how content can be optimised and what content is needed, and make recommendations for improvement.


What do our clients gain by using search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) allows our clients to achieve the best possible rankings for their website in search results without spending extra on advertising.

A particular advantage is that it is relatively easy to implement, provided that content is developed consciously, following an SEO strategy put together by experts, and that content is shared, linked and updated periodically, according to the changes in search engine algorithms.

Proper SEO will bring our clients’ websites to the top of the organic results for all relevant keywords and phrases, thus increasing the number of relevant visits, which will help increase the volume of sales or business (or other website goals).


What is the role of our clients in search engine optimisation (SEO)?

We rely on our clients for three aspects of SEO:

  1. Access to Google Analytics and Search Console,
  2. Sharing business goals,
  3. Gathering preferred keywords.


The end result of search engine optimisation (SEO)

The end result of the search engine optimisation is a detailed document containing our recommendations for on-site and off-site SEO settings and tasks.

  • Information from client:Access to Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Client cooperation:Active communication and collaboration in research
  • Deliverables:Detailed document which includes our recommendation of on-site and off-site SEO settings and tasks