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Based on the known features and content we design the structure of features and navigation and define the way they will work together to provide a smooth user experience. One of the most challenging aspects of interface design is the creation of a proper content structure and information architecture. The difficulty lies in the difference of the way of thinking of the companies and their clients. Properly arranged information helps the users to orientate comfortably and motivates them to do their business on your site.

There are two ways to design content structure:

a) On the one hand, based on our previous experience as researchers and experts we design the structure.

b) On the other hand, we interview users of the target group how they think about the site’s content and information space. In this case, we try to discover the unconscious behaviour pattern of the users, their “natural online way of thinking”. Methodologies aiming at the examination of online interfaces can help in this, for example when we analyze the best possible information structure for the user (paper prototyping, card sorting, tree testing), or when we are interested where the users are looking for a menu item for the first, second and third time (eye tracking).

In both cases, testing the content structure is essential.

  • Information from client:Analytics
  • Client cooperation:Validation of results
  • Deliverables:Menu structure