Raiffesisen Bank wanted to improve engagement with customers, what we did was blending business strategy and UX design carefully and creating a comfortable and user friendly internet Bank by removing all the obstacles and misleading items, implementing instant actions to purchase products and services and providing proper user feedback on the results of their actions.


  • Concept
  • Wireframing
  • Design supervision


  • dr. Andras Rung — Senior UX designer
  • Mark Gerzso — Project management

Last year we redesigned the internet bank of Raiffeisen Romania together with Bankfutura E-finance Research (business concept). We participated in the redesign of the retail, SME and corporate pages and introduced several small and great changes. During the process we paid a lot of attention to business considerations but our primary goal was to create the most comfortable and user-friendly internet bank of the Central-European region. The demo of the whole retail section is available on videoWe simplified the language and the processes regarding transactions in order to be easily manageable by users who are not very familiar with the banking vocabulary and processes.

Simple and friendly dashboard

The new design is easily accessible for tablets due to the bigger buttons and the easy-to-tap visual elements.

raiffeisen_nagymeretu_elemek (1)
Bigger elements allow quick access

We simplified the menu to ensure easy access to important features and to help the user in the navigation

Simplified menu

Color, arrangement and size were utilized to highlight emphasis and help users to find important features in the internet bank.

Color and size highlights primary buttons

All misleading items and obstacles were removed from frequent processes (for example, money transfer) to make them fast and effective.

Domestic transaction were made clear and easy to understand

We applied consistency in design (elements that look the same work the same way) and in the processes (choice of action, validation, feedback).

The saving process is working similarly to transaction

Long and often apologetic help texts were removed and the processes were designed to be simple and self-evident. Options to purchase products and services were introduced to the internet bank to increase online sales activity (credit card request, savings management).

Credit card request

We made instant actions available on screens which can help the users to achieve their goals.

Supporting quick, instant tasks

Users always get proper feedback on the results of their actions

Feedback following the initiation of transaction

Further screenshots:






raiffeisen_betetfeltores (1)