Step 3: Testing


During a test, potential users will try to complete typical tasks on your webpage or application (e.g. buy a monitor online) while we watch, listen and takes notes. The goal is to identify any usability problems and determine the participant’s satisfaction level with the product. We can identify dozens of problems with only 5 participants . Just by fixing the most serious ones you can expect dramatical improvements in the examined processes.

  • What is the value of it?


Though experts are continuously thinking about ideal interfaces, they can not know everything about the users. Without checking whether the provided solution works with real users or not experts can just guess about the users’ expectations and behaviour, and guessing is dangerous, one wrong guess is enough to ruin your entire business.

The good news is testing can fix this problem. We do not ask people what they like but we observe what they do and where they fail. After examining the troublesome points you can understand the problems and with our expert knowledge you’re led to better and more effective solutions.